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The art of communication has changed. It now comes on an iPhone on a small screen. You text back the reply and back and forth it goes.
It has its very own language. The world has become quieter however, I can’t see the colour of your eyes, the expressions on your face,
your intonations, affects or body language. I am really not sure how you meant that to be taken when I just read a text. I think there must be a lot of mistaken messages that have been taken the wrong way and creates a problem between the two parties trying to get a point across.
One day perhaps you can hear me through mental telepathy and you will pick up the true meaning of what I am trying to say.
Animals don’t use technology and they communicate just fine. We could learn from them.
Skype has helped a lot because now I can see you and of course this has become a standard form for those little phones so it is hopeful.
Especially if you want the love, understanding and compassion to come through. So WHAT COLOUR ARE YOUR EYES?


As I type along to the rhythm of the music it dawned on my how the music just inspires my creativity.
I can’t go a day without my music. Right now I am listening to Afro-Celtic. Love the beat and songs.
However, when I go out into Mother Nature I let her creations do the singing and make the music. Interestingly enough scientist have recorded the sound of the planets and Earth’s sound is very much like birds singing. I have always though that birds were singing to Mother Earth in joy. The saying “stop to smell the roses” should also add “stop and listen to the songs of earth.”
Last night’s song was the rumble and crack of an intense thunder storm as it rolled across the sky. This morning is a glorious morning, fresh and bright and clear.
Here I am living in the heart of an oil and gas producing region and really questioning our global wisdom. Scientist say that the technology for sustainable free energy has existed for some time now. I have been watching the documentary COSMOS and last nights episode gave statistics of the levels of carbon dioxide that have risen so dramatically in this century. It really hit home what a critical stage we are all at. The other point of view is that it is natural earth cycles warming the climate but the evidence is piling up that we, the human race are responsible.
I am hopeful that the CEO’s are visionaries and can see that investing in technology for healthy energy is going to be in demand more and more as concerned citizens of the world change their way of thinking.
I want my grand children to hear the Earth’s song through the birds too. So please just think about this, hard!