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“Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.” By David R. Hawkins


Something to contemplate;  when the ego is satisfied you have access to the totality of knowledge. How do you satisfy the ego? Are all the experiences I have had chosen by my soul?  Can I change my soul contract?  What is the difference between “destiny” and “soul contract”?

I began my research to these questions and this is what I have found so far- Setting the ego aside is setting aside the memories (experiences).  Move on from the past and open your heart to new experiences but do it with a LOVE filled heart.

LOVE has the power.  Ego will dissolve in the overwhelming force of LOVE.  The power of LOVE is the power of purity.  LOVE is the air we breathe. LOVE can ignite a small flame within the heart and will grow and outshine the ego.



“Your mind will talk you out of what your soul wants to know.”  Our beautiful minds like to talk us out of following our hearts and the messages we receive  from the soul by second guessing.  This will lead to doubt and once we start to doubt ourselves the motivation starts to slide.  So how do we stop this from spiralling downward?  We do this by becoming aware of our thoughts and using a power word like “Stop” or my favourite “Delete”.  Then if you want to change this you go on a treasure hunt to find out where these thoughts came from.  Ask yourself if that is the voice of your parents or significant other that you are hearing and have not questioned before.  Those thoughts become beliefs which can become automatic thoughts.

It is time to do a reboot on your mind and clean it up.



Allow yourself to live each day in My light and love.  When situations cause uncertainty or doubt in your mind, ask yourself, “Why am I thinking such thoughts?”

When you are fully in My presence, you will discover that you do not worry about anything because doubt does not exist in My presence.  So leave your fears at the doorstep of your soul and enter into a sanctuary of peace.

In My presence, all things are possible, for you are one with true reality.  No situation or person can harm you, for only love can exist in the silence of your soul.

Remember that even when there seems to be darkness, light still exists.  All you need do is look within your soul, for I am here.