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The story is called THE CRABBY CASHIER.

She is rude, curt and down right mean in her behavior towards you.  Like you are really, really bothering her and annoying her and you have done nothing to provoke this.

So you decide to run the story in your mind: “Oh the poor thing.  This morning when she woke up her boyfriend had left and taken her dog. When she went to get in the car to go to work it had 2 flat tires. Now she was late and she was rushing to work because she was already under probation for being late and rent was due.  She was starving so she whipped through the drive through and on the way a driver cut her off and she spilled the coffee all down her front.  When she finally pulled into the parking lot at work someone was parked in her spot.  As she ran to get into work her heel broke and she twisted her ankle…..”.and on and on you can go with this story in your mind.

All of a sudden YOUR vibration shifts and a large wave of compassion washes over you and the cashier. She changes right before your eyes.  Try this, it works like magic and it is fun to make up the worst case scenario you can about someone that is taking their day out on you.


Some of you may remember the book “I’m OK, You’re OK.  Or how about the chidrens’ book, The Little Engine That Could. ” I think I can, I think I can.”  As we learn the power of the thoughts we hold in our minds and hearts and raising the vibrational energy in alignment with harmony, those stories hold very powerful lessons.  So much of your precious energy is wasted on thoughts of what is wrong with me, or with her, or with him.  Precious energy that could be used instead to draw upon the power of love.  If someone or something is irritating you today change your perception of them which will change your vibrational energy and JUST LOVE.