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“Inner peace is experienced as we forgive the world and everyone in it, and thereby see everyone, including ourselves, as blameless.

Each instant our lives can be regards as a present opportunity for a new awakening or rebirth, free from the irrelevant intrusion of memories from the past and anticipations of the future.  In the freedom of this present moment, we can extend our natural loving nature.

When we find ourselves irritated, depressed, angry or ill, we can be sure we have chosen the wrong goal and are responding to fear.  When we are not experiencing jou we have forgotten to make peace of ind our single goal, and have become concerned about getting rather than giving.

By consistently choosing Love rather than fear, we can experience a personal transformation which enables us to be more naturally loving to ourselves and others.  In this way we can begin to recognize and experience the Love and joy that unites us.”



Statistics indicate that the holidays are the loneliness time of the year.  There is a solution, it is learning to go to the center of your being, your heart.  Your heart is where your spirit lives, not in the rational logical mind, but in the heart.  To learn the skill of stopping the brain chatter and quiet the mind allows your to tap into that Divine Intelligence that speaks gently to you through the heart. Your heart is the most powerful source of your essence.  There is always love, compassion and peace within the heart.  If we can all learn to live from the heart then we can heal the world with the power of love emanating from this great power source. This love, compassion and peace starts within you and can radiate into your present moments of the now.  Make heart centered love your number one new year’s resolution.


GRATITUDE is the gateway to abundance.  ACCEPTANCE is the gateway to peace of mind.

When you combine the two perceptions you open to unconditional LOVE.  I am so grateful to my amazing friend who has demonstrated these qualities and is one of my greatest teachers.  She has an inner strength that is so radiant and beautiful that her light shines for all to see. She is a cancer survivor of 5 yrs. after being diagnosed.  Her life has been one of incredible challenges and losses of loved ones.  There is not one selfish bone in her battered body and she still laughs, gives and loves with every fibre of her being.  What an amazing soul, a beacon and example to all those who have had the privilege to be part of her journey.  THANK YOU MY AMAZING FRIEND.



This is the time of year that I just LOVE.  Makes me want to go up to everyone and give them a big warm hug.

Realize just how much love you have in your life, how spectacular love can be, how much love you have to give, the many different forms love can take, and how easily we take love for granted. (Creative Numerolgy)

Open your heart wide and let your light shine.  Your LOVE vibrational energy can affect 1000’s of people.

Reach up with your heart to the higher vibrations and feel from the heart.  Give your head a Christmas holiday.