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Who flipped the switch?


Got up today full of life.  Not sure who or what flipped the switch to ON but it has been a great day.  My hunch is that I worked on forgiving myself and did exercises to help process this.  Much to my delight my creativity sprang forth and I hand painted 10 Christmas cards.  That felt great.  I also did a Christmas craft to give to my pals.  Perhaps it was the positive frequency of giving that flipped my switch.  To top off this great day I won $21.00.  Yahoo.  AND the best part of all is that I was not hungry, can you believe it???



“Inner peace is experienced as we forgive the world and everyone in it, and thereby see everyone, including ourselves, as blameless.

Each instant our lives can be regards as a present opportunity for a new awakening or rebirth, free from the irrelevant intrusion of memories from the past and anticipations of the future.  In the freedom of this present moment, we can extend our natural loving nature.

When we find ourselves irritated, depressed, angry or ill, we can be sure we have chosen the wrong goal and are responding to fear.  When we are not experiencing jou we have forgotten to make peace of ind our single goal, and have become concerned about getting rather than giving.

By consistently choosing Love rather than fear, we can experience a personal transformation which enables us to be more naturally loving to ourselves and others.  In this way we can begin to recognize and experience the Love and joy that unites us.”



“Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.” By David R. Hawkins


LOVE IS IN THE AIR…great song,  Hum it to yourself as you get creative and plan a way to give a nudge of love.

Some beautiful examples are springing forth all the time.  Paying for toll for the car behind you, buying a Tim Horton’s coffee card and giving it to a stranger, painting love on a rock and pass it to a stranger, give a flower to an elderly lady in the grocery store, shovel the snow from you neighbor’s driveway, send a beautiful scarf to a patient in the hospital, drop off your old cloths to the Sally Ann, feeds the birds, volunteer at animals shelters,….and on and on.

I ask that you create a long list of your own and each day make an effort to make the act a realization.

YOU will be the receiver of the magical feeling that comes into your heart and you will radiate.  Smile with love let the world shine.


Inside you is a magical child (Emmet Fox). The child is  not programmed of all the false truths our society has come to belief.

Deepak Chopra calls it the Wizard.  “Therefore, in accepting the world as it is, the wizard views everything in the light of self-acceptance, which is the light of love.” The magical child accepts everything with love.  So does your dog.  So does a sunset or a spring flower.  So go ahead and celebrate the child within and JUST LOVE.


UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD.  A term coined by the famous psychologist Carl Rogers. It is being fully present for others, paying attention to what they are saying, eye contact and genuine interest.  I would call being authentically there for the other person. This attention to another comes from the heart and the other person can feel the energy and it can have a healing effect.  Being heard by another is life affirming. So today please give your undivided attention to someone you care about and spread authentic love.


The story is called THE CRABBY CASHIER.

She is rude, curt and down right mean in her behavior towards you.  Like you are really, really bothering her and annoying her and you have done nothing to provoke this.

So you decide to run the story in your mind: “Oh the poor thing.  This morning when she woke up her boyfriend had left and taken her dog. When she went to get in the car to go to work it had 2 flat tires. Now she was late and she was rushing to work because she was already under probation for being late and rent was due.  She was starving so she whipped through the drive through and on the way a driver cut her off and she spilled the coffee all down her front.  When she finally pulled into the parking lot at work someone was parked in her spot.  As she ran to get into work her heel broke and she twisted her ankle…..”.and on and on you can go with this story in your mind.

All of a sudden YOUR vibration shifts and a large wave of compassion washes over you and the cashier. She changes right before your eyes.  Try this, it works like magic and it is fun to make up the worst case scenario you can about someone that is taking their day out on you.