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Statistics indicate that the holidays are the loneliness time of the year.  There is a solution, it is learning to go to the center of your being, your heart.  Your heart is where your spirit lives, not in the rational logical mind, but in the heart.  To learn the skill of stopping the brain chatter and quiet the mind allows your to tap into that Divine Intelligence that speaks gently to you through the heart. Your heart is the most powerful source of your essence.  There is always love, compassion and peace within the heart.  If we can all learn to live from the heart then we can heal the world with the power of love emanating from this great power source. This love, compassion and peace starts within you and can radiate into your present moments of the now.  Make heart centered love your number one new year’s resolution.


GRATITUDE is the gateway to abundance.  ACCEPTANCE is the gateway to peace of mind.

When you combine the two perceptions you open to unconditional LOVE.  I am so grateful to my amazing friend who has demonstrated these qualities and is one of my greatest teachers.  She has an inner strength that is so radiant and beautiful that her light shines for all to see. She is a cancer survivor of 5 yrs. after being diagnosed.  Her life has been one of incredible challenges and losses of loved ones.  There is not one selfish bone in her battered body and she still laughs, gives and loves with every fibre of her being.  What an amazing soul, a beacon and example to all those who have had the privilege to be part of her journey.  THANK YOU MY AMAZING FRIEND.



Something to contemplate;  when the ego is satisfied you have access to the totality of knowledge. How do you satisfy the ego? Are all the experiences I have had chosen by my soul?  Can I change my soul contract?  What is the difference between “destiny” and “soul contract”?

I began my research to these questions and this is what I have found so far- Setting the ego aside is setting aside the memories (experiences).  Move on from the past and open your heart to new experiences but do it with a LOVE filled heart.

LOVE has the power.  Ego will dissolve in the overwhelming force of LOVE.  The power of LOVE is the power of purity.  LOVE is the air we breathe. LOVE can ignite a small flame within the heart and will grow and outshine the ego.



“Your intuition will wisely guide you into the balanced and intelligent heart frequencies of true love.

The feelings of true love and care are very different from feelings like attachment and overcare.

Overcare is when you allow lower heart bands to take over your feelings and they can deplete your system and cause tremendous stress. Stress being the #1 killer of wellbeing.

If you suffer from a broken heart, your mind takes a deep disappointment and keeps replaying the same loop of negative feelings over and over which reinforces the hurt feelings each time.  When you are hurt, the emotional shock can short-circuit your mind and your emotions.

Love can seem like the cause of that hurt, especially when the initial heart feeling is deep and sincere.  In reality, it’s what your head does with our feeling of love the determines whether it stays in the higher heart and is fulfilling, or leads us into lower heart feelings and stress.

Only the heart has the power to give you complete release from mental and emotional issues that drain you.  The bailout is to activate enough heart power to replace self-victimizing head programs with true heart programs.”  Sara Paddison – The “>Hidden Power of the Heart.

Learn to feel again from the heart.  If it feels good, do it and if it does not feel good do not do it.