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GRATITUDE is the gateway to abundance.  ACCEPTANCE is the gateway to peace of mind.

When you combine the two perceptions you open to unconditional LOVE.  I am so grateful to my amazing friend who has demonstrated these qualities and is one of my greatest teachers.  She has an inner strength that is so radiant and beautiful that her light shines for all to see. She is a cancer survivor of 5 yrs. after being diagnosed.  Her life has been one of incredible challenges and losses of loved ones.  There is not one selfish bone in her battered body and she still laughs, gives and loves with every fibre of her being.  What an amazing soul, a beacon and example to all those who have had the privilege to be part of her journey.  THANK YOU MY AMAZING FRIEND.



The art of communication has changed. It now comes on an iPhone on a small screen. You text back the reply and back and forth it goes.
It has its very own language. The world has become quieter however, I can’t see the colour of your eyes, the expressions on your face,
your intonations, affects or body language. I am really not sure how you meant that to be taken when I just read a text. I think there must be a lot of mistaken messages that have been taken the wrong way and creates a problem between the two parties trying to get a point across.
One day perhaps you can hear me through mental telepathy and you will pick up the true meaning of what I am trying to say.
Animals don’t use technology and they communicate just fine. We could learn from them.
Skype has helped a lot because now I can see you and of course this has become a standard form for those little phones so it is hopeful.
Especially if you want the love, understanding and compassion to come through. So WHAT COLOUR ARE YOUR EYES?


Whoa! I just woke up pre-dawn and my mind was on fire with all the subjects I want to share.  I got up and began writing as fast as I could in my idea note book.  I guess at the magical age of 63 I have a lot to share.  Lots and lots of harsh life’s lessons BUT lots and lots of MAGICAL MOMENTS.  And because I am a believer in the higher frequencies of love and the power to heal I am going to focus on the magical moments.  You see right now I am located on the family farm in a tiny little town in Saskatchewan.  I just moved here a year ago from my heart place, my ranch in the Central Cariboo of B.C.  Now that is what I thought to be the most magical place in the world. I was wrong.  Turns out it is just a beautiful here and I find myself on yet another adventure.  Right now we have just come through one of the longest winters the old timers can remember but oh, the wait was worth it.  Everything is neon green and the smell of new leaves bursting from the trees is so invigorating.  This is a rich land, very rich.  Off in the horizon you can see the dust clouds as the farmers hustle out to plant while the weather is cooperating.  There are STRONG family values still very much alive here.  People actually visit face to face and there are no electronics around the kitchen table.  Of course the conversation is mostly about farming but I had no idea it was so technical and knowledge based.  Learning a lot.  Off in the distance there are oil rigs pounding away at mother earth and black holding tank dotting nearly every field.  This bothers me as I am the older sister of an environmental activist.  But I look at the other side of the coin too.  If the farmers didn’t have diesel to fuel their huge machinery how would the food (which we all need) be produced.  I am still hopeful that the energy technology will advance to find a cleaner more earth friendly power source for all and I believe it will come.  BUT the beauty here is so expansive and majestic one is able to look past to a better future.

I now have the opportunity to look through the eyes of my granddaughter and see the smallest things and stare in wonder. At night I go out and just stare up into the universe and give thanks for all the blessings flowing into my life.  And my heart is flowing with love for all of life.  Reverence for all creation in my new mantra.  All we have to do is look through new eyes and believe that goodness is now changing the world in this golden age.