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Who flipped the switch?


Got up today full of life.  Not sure who or what flipped the switch to ON but it has been a great day.  My hunch is that I worked on forgiving myself and did exercises to help process this.  Much to my delight my creativity sprang forth and I hand painted 10 Christmas cards.  That felt great.  I also did a Christmas craft to give to my pals.  Perhaps it was the positive frequency of giving that flipped my switch.  To top off this great day I won $21.00.  Yahoo.  AND the best part of all is that I was not hungry, can you believe it???


UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD.  A term coined by the famous psychologist Carl Rogers. It is being fully present for others, paying attention to what they are saying, eye contact and genuine interest.  I would call being authentically there for the other person. This attention to another comes from the heart and the other person can feel the energy and it can have a healing effect.  Being heard by another is life affirming. So today please give your undivided attention to someone you care about and spread authentic love.


LOVE IS the delightful giggle of a small child.  LOVE IS the soft kiss of a puppy on your cheek, LOVE IS the neon hues of a glorious sunset. LOVE IS the beauty of a snowflake. LOVE IS everywhere, just look and you will see.



It really IS all about LOVE.  As we raise in consciousness our awareness of the energy vibrations is becoming common knowledge.  There are so many good people who are now living from the hearts that the global consciousness is also rising.  This is a good thing.  I just learned an interesting statistic that a person that radiates love from their heart and live by their heart, can affect 750 other people.  So like the stone in a pond it ripples outward.  We can as a collective, save our beautiful Mother Earth by continuing to learn and grow and REMEMBER who we are, pure energies of love, compassion and generosity.  Make a little contract with yourself today to make eye contact with someone and send them love through your smile.  If they are open to receive, watch the transformation right before your eyes.


As I type along to the rhythm of the music it dawned on my how the music just inspires my creativity.
I can’t go a day without my music. Right now I am listening to Afro-Celtic. Love the beat and songs.
However, when I go out into Mother Nature I let her creations do the singing and make the music. Interestingly enough scientist have recorded the sound of the planets and Earth’s sound is very much like birds singing. I have always though that birds were singing to Mother Earth in joy. The saying “stop to smell the roses” should also add “stop and listen to the songs of earth.”
Last night’s song was the rumble and crack of an intense thunder storm as it rolled across the sky. This morning is a glorious morning, fresh and bright and clear.
Here I am living in the heart of an oil and gas producing region and really questioning our global wisdom. Scientist say that the technology for sustainable free energy has existed for some time now. I have been watching the documentary COSMOS and last nights episode gave statistics of the levels of carbon dioxide that have risen so dramatically in this century. It really hit home what a critical stage we are all at. The other point of view is that it is natural earth cycles warming the climate but the evidence is piling up that we, the human race are responsible.
I am hopeful that the CEO’s are visionaries and can see that investing in technology for healthy energy is going to be in demand more and more as concerned citizens of the world change their way of thinking.
I want my grand children to hear the Earth’s song through the birds too. So please just think about this, hard!