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Abraham Maslow; “healthy personalities, “self-actualizing”.  The phrase simply means growing whole. These are people who have taken the moment-to-moment risk to ensure that their entire lives become  an outward expression of their true inner selves.  They have a sense of THEIR OWN WORTH and are likely to experiment, to be creative, to ask for what they want and need.  Their high self-esteem and subsequent risk taking/creativity brings them a host of competencies that are indispensable to locating work they want.  They also develop the tenacity and optimism which allows them to stick with their choices until the financial rewards come.  They are life affirming. For them work is a way of being, an expression of LOVE.


“Your mind will talk you out of what your soul wants to know.”  Our beautiful minds like to talk us out of following our hearts and the messages we receive  from the soul by second guessing.  This will lead to doubt and once we start to doubt ourselves the motivation starts to slide.  So how do we stop this from spiralling downward?  We do this by becoming aware of our thoughts and using a power word like “Stop” or my favourite “Delete”.  Then if you want to change this you go on a treasure hunt to find out where these thoughts came from.  Ask yourself if that is the voice of your parents or significant other that you are hearing and have not questioned before.  Those thoughts become beliefs which can become automatic thoughts.

It is time to do a reboot on your mind and clean it up.