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your-brain-on-sugar-fbAnother day and another battle to resist sugar.  The more I resist the more it persists and the more I learn how powerful this addiction IS.  I conquered alcohol and cigarettes but this is the battle of all battles….I have to form a new neuro-pathway in my brain.  It is going to take 45 days….FORTY FIVE LONG DAYS…to create a new habit, the “no sugar habit.”  Here is more research I found to share with my fellow sugar addicts:

  1. study in rats found that diets high in sugar and fat can reduce a protein called BDNF that influences the growth and development of nerve cells in the brain. This protein is thought to be involved in the development of depression and anxiety.
  2. Another possible biological cause is inflammation. High sugar diets can increase inflammation– a protective reaction of the body, normally directed against microorganisms or foreign substances.
  3. it seems excess sugar impacts dopamine–the neurotransmitter that fuels the brain’s reward system–not unlike a potent narcotic. Since addiction and mood disorders are closely associated, it may be that sugar plays a role similar to cocaine in powering the mood roller-coaster. And sugar is increasingly linked to cellular inflammation, which more evidence is revealing as a likely culprit in the onset of depression.I QUIT SUGAR