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Who flipped the switch?


Got up today full of life.  Not sure who or what flipped the switch to ON but it has been a great day.  My hunch is that I worked on forgiving myself and did exercises to help process this.  Much to my delight my creativity sprang forth and I hand painted 10 Christmas cards.  That felt great.  I also did a Christmas craft to give to my pals.  Perhaps it was the positive frequency of giving that flipped my switch.  To top off this great day I won $21.00.  Yahoo.  AND the best part of all is that I was not hungry, can you believe it???


Abraham Maslow; “healthy personalities, “self-actualizing”.  The phrase simply means growing whole. These are people who have taken the moment-to-moment risk to ensure that their entire lives become  an outward expression of their true inner selves.  They have a sense of THEIR OWN WORTH and are likely to experiment, to be creative, to ask for what they want and need.  Their high self-esteem and subsequent risk taking/creativity brings them a host of competencies that are indispensable to locating work they want.  They also develop the tenacity and optimism which allows them to stick with their choices until the financial rewards come.  They are life affirming. For them work is a way of being, an expression of LOVE.