The all powerful law of attraction where like attracts like is really quite simple.  To receive LOVE you have to give LOVE.  This universal truth is all around you.  Challenge yourself today to take an action of LOVE and then witness what comes back to you. It may take time but if you stay aware you will receive LOVE in some form or other.



In today’s uncertain times here is a prophecy of hope from Sal Rachele, Earth Awakenings: The Years 2018-2020.

“The enlightened schools recognized the unique needs of the new children.  Emphasis was placed on self-examination and self-awareness, as well as harnessing creativity. These children grew up knowing they lived in a friendly Universe, filled with beings of all shapes and sizes. They witnessed unconditionally loving adults and a world of plenty.”


MFTB Cover 2016 Front 250 323

I bought this book a while ago and refer to it all the time.  I believe that my body talks to me and I listen.  I also believe that my body can heal itself if given a chance.  Most aches and pains are blocked energy from a suppressed emotion.  I can trace the blocked energy and work on releasing the trapped emotion.  Of late I have been really sore in my left hip: this is the message – “OH NO! – a reluctance to proceed in the direction that things seem to be headed. An unbending resistance to moving forward.  Strong distrust of themselves and the Universe.”  Let Go and Flow with LOVE.



Today I feel so blessed and guided by Universal LOVE.  As I walked on the beach I said a prayer for all my friends in the Central Interior of B.C.  All had to be evacuated because of the raging wildfires.  As I was checking my Facebook I saw that it had started to rain near one of the evacuated towns.  Then I saw a post from a conscious group who had come together to send rain to the province and low and behold it rained.  Oh, the power of healing LOVE.



Do you feel like sometimes you get locked into your head and think too much?  I have been trying to consciously focus on the NOW.  That means I don’t think about the past or the future and I concentrate my thoughts on the moment.  When I do this iT seems that the day flows so much easier.  After so many losses in my life the one thing I learned from the wonderful souls that have come across my path is to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST in the present.


powerof-wordsI have been listening to Marissa Peer on YouTube and was once again reminded of the power of the words we speak to ourselves and the beliefs they create.  I just love her stories and her attitude towards life and how our beliefs are formed.  AND, the good news is that we can change those beliefs with the power of our words to change our minds self programming.  I AM ENOUGH!



This image absolutely touched my heart and moved me to tears.  I have been watching the news about the raging wildfires in my old neighborhood in the Cariboo of central B.C. Canada.  All my friends have had to be evacuated.  The whole province is under disaster alert.  What moved me the most was witnessing what I call the silent angels that come to the aid of those in need from far and wide.  It proves there is a deep compassion living in the hearts of all humanity.