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You know the feeling when the plane hits an air pocket and you have a death grip on the arm rest.  Well, my poor favorite chair is suffering from claw marks and deep indents of white knuckling the craving for my best friend SUGAR.  Oh Sugar, oh sugar how I miss the way you mess with my brain and release endorphins that makes me feel GREAT!

Here is some info I found: “Processed sugar also increases endorphin that can boost mood and provide a temporary chemical “high”.   Oh yeah, how I love that high. I knew it —-certain people may be genetically predisposed to crave sugar . Plus, recent research suggests people who prefer sweets are more likely to be friendly, compassionate, and yes— sweeter. .11257ba22ea526f9e1a7113ee088d7b1

 Forget friendliness— research has linked sugar consumption to higher rates of depression .  Here is a great Ted ed video about sugar cravings:  How sugar affects the brain.



maxresdefault (1)Scientists are sayings that sugar is even more addictive than cocaine.  And SUGAR is in almost everything we consume.  The challenge is to find food that has no sugar in it.  Why do we eat sugar…lots of reasons but mostly we are looking for the happy chemicals to make us feel good.  A great resource that I am reading to try to understand what it is I am up against is HABITS OF A HAPPY BRAIN.

I will keep you posted on my detox but be WARNED it won’t be pretty.



Can the brain atrophy? Is it like any other muscle, “USE IT OR LOSE IT?”  Here is what I researched: “Some degree of cerebral shrinkage occurs naturally with age; after the brain completes growth and attains its maximum mass at around age 25[citation needed], it gradually loses mass with each decade of life, although the rate of loss is comparatively tiny until the age of 60, when approximately .5 to 1% of brain volume is lost per year. By age 75, the brain is an average of 15% smaller than it was at 25. Some areas of the brain such as short-term memory are affected more than others and men lose more brain mass overall than women.” OH NO, my brain is now 11% smaller!  Help…

ENTER...Brain Evolution Sytems




Yesterday I visited with 2 wise owl friends and the discussion was about shutting down our feelings.  When I found this picture for my blog it was perfect.  I have always felt for a long time that I just switched off.  For the past 4 months I just sat in my chair doing NOTHING.  At the beginning of November I had made a commitment months earlier to go back to my home town and babysit my granddaughter while the kids took a break and went to Mexico.  Something clicked.  It was very subtle and brief.  An instant decision to start living again and I stared to feel alive again.  Now the work begins as I realize that the loss of my home and dream back in May of 2017 due to a betrayal, knocked my socks off and I was overwhelmed with pain so I just flipped my switch. While back home last week, my higher self or intuitive guides (whatever your preference is to name it) whispered enough is enough.  It is time to take action and change.  Today I can feel the flicker of my old flame of passion and I am flipping the switch back on and coming out of my cave. This article by Luna and Sol really helped.  13 Signs You’re Struggling with Emotional Numbness



In Canada we celebrate THANKS GIVING this weekend.  It is a perfect time to stop and give conscious thought to what we are grateful for.  A tool I learned long ago was using a gratitude journal.  This can really uplift your vibration especially in these changing times. I remember after loosing my beloved husband on Thanks Giving weekend when I was a very young, and our world was instantly turned upside down, was to line the walls of our hall with flip chart paper and each of us had to add one thing we were grateful for and soon we had a hall filled with flip charts listing  love and appreciation for what we did have.  This really helped to heal our loss.

One of our conversations around the dinner table was of course, the tragedy in Las Vegas.  What came out of that conversation is the amazing selflessness of the instant human reaction to shield and protect others.  I choose to focus on that.  You have the power of healing love inside you, so choose that.  HAPPY THANKS GIVING.



da7644252cfd8101559590a4d2ea6d3b--wild-women-the-goalRemember the old saying garbage in garbage out.? Is it because we live in a world of duality that there are so many mixed messages for our minds to sort through/  What if it was only one thought and that is the thought of love.  Love for all that is and ever was.  Unity consciousness in this day and age of chaos and uncertainty.  I ask you to take up the challenge and look for the beauty and light in every adversity.  Are these horrific things happening on and to mother earth there to push us to grow in love and light?