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Today is of significance to me as it was a year ago that I last held the hand of my dear beloved mother before she passed.  I have experienced many deaths over my life time and after the grieving I learned so much about the after life and soul’s departing.  You must have enough self love to allow your self to grieve and I won’t sugar coat it, it hurts a lot.  Some times it feels like you can’t breathe or  your heart has been crushed.  You must go through it to see the greatness on the other side.  As I held the hand of my father who fought for 10 days and finally let go, I read the book LIFE AFTER DEATH by Deepak. It helped a lot.  You learn that your loved ones have most assuredly passed onto another dimension filled with light and love and there is no more suffering.  Today I am witnessing the departure of my beautiful cousin and I am holding onto the knowing that her soul will be free to fly.



Today is a significant day as it was a year ago that I last sat with my beloved mother.  I have experienced many deaths and have learned of the greatness from all of them.  After the grieving, and you must love yourself enough to grieve, then peace returns.  You know in your depths in the great remembering that your loved ones are in a sacred place filled with love and light.  Their souls are free from the 3D physical encasement.  As I held the hand of my father for 10 days beside his death bed, I read Deepak’s book on Life after Death.  I now am witnessing my cousin’s departure and hold onto the knowing that she will soon be free from suffering and in the great dimension of pure LOVE.





Where I live in the province of B.C. it has been in a state of emergency due to wildfires for 3 weeks now.  123 wildfires currently burning, 868 wildfires since April 1, 2017, and 498,098 hectares burned.  Our skies are red and air quality is off the charts.  I recently retired from my ranch in the Cariboo district which has been hit the worst. So many homes and ranches destroyed and I don’t want to know the number of animal fatalities.

Now I see in the bigger picture, that Divine Love has protected me and once again put me in the right place at the right time.  All I can do is pray for the safety of all my friends and acquaintances living the terrifying experience of these wildfires.  I ask that we all pray for Divine intervention, let it rain, let rain, let it rain.


powerof-wordsI have been listening to Marissa Peer on YouTube and was once again reminded of the power of the words we speak to ourselves and the beliefs they create.  I just love her stories and her attitude towards life and how our beliefs are formed.  AND, the good news is that we can change those beliefs with the power of our words to change our minds self programming.  I AM ENOUGH!



If you were never the “apple” of your father’s eye you probably grew up with the belief that you were “not enough’. ” We always create our reality according to our beliefs. If you want to know what your beliefs are, look at what you have in your life. Life always reflects our beliefs. RADICAL FORGIVENESS



Is self LOVE inherent or environmental?  Nature or nurture?  From my observations of myself and others I was born happy but I was raised by a very unhappy mother.  She had zero self-esteem nor any self Love.   No one had taught her to value herself and she could not pass those lessons onto me so I had learn on my own.  One significant lesson that really started the self love journey was that I WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN HAPPINESS.  As my life journey has spanned 6 decades I have also learned that my happiness did not come from external things or expectations of others, it came from within.


dog love

LOVE is a high frequency that makes every cell in your body tingle and dance.  You feel alive, bright and your eyes light up.  You sing or hum as you do your daily chores.  You embrace strangers with your smile.  Your laugh is infectious.  People gravitate to you like a moth to a flame.  There is a spring in your step and all things radiate beauty.

You clearly see the Divine spark within all living things and “reverence” is one of your favorite words.  You can love even when in the middle of a shit is within your power to tap into that spark within, and cultivate your thoughts to fan the spark into a flame.  Look for love opportunities in every adversity.  Love the lessons of life. Love your SELF.