Crystals up my nose!


Let the journey begin:  Plug into google ”Retired and Bored and found a  great website full of info on the subject  Sixty and Me.

I found some good suggestions and a few tiny sparks of interest, but came up with more questions than answers. As Stuart Wilde so eloquently puts it in his book THE QUICKENING No doubt you have worked on yourself; in doing so, you have been exposed to every trick in the book.  You have meditated, affirmed, visualized, wired two crystals up your nose, stuffed alfalfa sprouts in your ear, jogged around the block, and kissed swami on the toe.”  Well put Stuart baby! Other books I discovered in my library: PASSIONATE PURPOSE, STOP WISHING AND START WINNING..

My Mojo is stuck! Where did I go?  What happened to that contagious energy that I oozed out?  The quest continues…..

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