17ATHE NEW SIRIAN REVELATIONS by Paticia Cori.  This book is channeled by Patricia Cori from the Sirian High Council. Even if you don’t beleive in receiving messages from higher beings, the book is beautifully written and loaded with nuggets of wisdom.  It is addressed to all humanity.  I always seek out the brighter future prospects for our beloved Gaia and there are many messages of hope as well as sobering facts that have already come into our reality. “Where do you find the strength and the nourishment to extract yourselves from unwanted emotions? Nature. The perceptual, breathtaking procession of nature, the heart of your planetary deity, is truly the only absolute upon which you can base your perception of reality, for it is the undeniable reflection of Creation, unfolding.  Nature is poetry in motion. It is the exquisite–the perfected harmonics of life, revealing mystery upon mystery, in such extraordinary beauty that is mere observation alters the brain waves, imprinting the scared within the mind, enriching the soul. It plays the music, colors the tapestry, heals, exalts, and inspires all living beings.”

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