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Meet Ralphie, my resident hummingbird.  He brings me joy everyday as I see him sit on the branch outside my office window and then zooms up to the feeder.  If I could talk to Ralphie about life I wonder what he would say.  Probably that life is quite simple if you can stop the chatter in your mind.  Of course I have the tools to do that with meditation.  Just stop and listen quietly to your Ralphie and see what he says.



My greatest blessing are my two daughters who have grown to be the most amazing women and mother’s themselves.  Today I have to ask forgiveness from one of my beloveds for forgetting to tell her something that has transpired  which affects both our lives.  I am not sure why I thought I had  told her this very important information but I did forget.  She is mourning the loss of our home which I lost by trusting someone close to me.  A huge peace of my heart is gone forever from this loss and now I am sure a piece of her heart is gone too.  Please forgive me my beautiful daughter.



First things first….purge those old files and unsubscribe from email lists.  Remember to simplify and unclutter so you can make room for the new.  I started my day by eliminating two dozen email subscriptions and every time I was tempted to just have a peak I refrained.  Then I turned to my files and it felt great to do the big file dump, if you know what I mean.  I then went to my day planner and started to tick off all the things that I had accomplished.  IT FELT GREAT. Now I can focus on my soul’s purpose.


Joy-Feater-Image-600x400A new year, a new day.  I love New Year’s because I can look back and reflect on all the experiences I had over the last year.  I can glean from the lessons I have learned and apply them to this new beginning. My destiny is to express joy and this will be my purpose for 2018.  I love this time of year to reflect on my numbers and to course correct if I have been off track.  My Higher Self has made it very clear that I am to get back to my journey of spirituality and  as this is a 7 year for me it is a year of the inner voyage. Just for fun have a look at your numerology for the year.  NUMEROLOGY