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GRATITUDE is the gateway to abundance.  ACCEPTANCE is the gateway to peace of mind.

When you combine the two perceptions you open to unconditional LOVE.  I am so grateful to my amazing friend who has demonstrated these qualities and is one of my greatest teachers.  She has an inner strength that is so radiant and beautiful that her light shines for all to see. She is a cancer survivor of 5 yrs. after being diagnosed.  Her life has been one of incredible challenges and losses of loved ones.  There is not one selfish bone in her battered body and she still laughs, gives and loves with every fibre of her being.  What an amazing soul, a beacon and example to all those who have had the privilege to be part of her journey.  THANK YOU MY AMAZING FRIEND.



STOP – Get off the hamster wheel of life if just for 5 minutes.  You will be amazed at how your perceptions can shift dramatically when you take 5 and go to you heart to get centered again.

I put my self in the pressure cooker of life and as the last twilight of my life is setting on the horizon I want to make the most of it.  As I approached 65 I feel an incredible pressure and drive from within that this is the last hoorah so I had better grab life by the horns and go for it.

As a result this strong drive from within created change.  I found myself at the cross roads of life once more which is a familiar place for me.  As my perception cleared I saw several opportunities which caused some confusion at first because there was not just one way I could go but several.

As you may know from your own experiences when it comes to major life decisions your peace of mind can fly right out the window as you mind churns and churns each option out.  To top it off I had gained tons of wisdom along my 6 decades so I did not have the luxury of saying JUST DO IT. I knew what challenges would be facing me for each decision I made.

After many sleepless nights I said, enough is enough, and went deep into my heart center where I found my peace and calm again.  I started making my decisions and like dominos things began to fall into place.

I found a deep knowingness that out weighed the analytical mindless brain chatter and started to trust in that feeling.  It is from here that I begin my next chapter in life and I see it through the eyes of LOVE.

LOVE is a deep expression of joy, compassion and service and starts from within.   It is from here that the first step is taken and the path becomes clear.


Something to contemplate;  when the ego is satisfied you have access to the totality of knowledge. How do you satisfy the ego? Are all the experiences I have had chosen by my soul?  Can I change my soul contract?  What is the difference between “destiny” and “soul contract”?

I began my research to these questions and this is what I have found so far- Setting the ego aside is setting aside the memories (experiences).  Move on from the past and open your heart to new experiences but do it with a LOVE filled heart.

LOVE has the power.  Ego will dissolve in the overwhelming force of LOVE.  The power of LOVE is the power of purity.  LOVE is the air we breathe. LOVE can ignite a small flame within the heart and will grow and outshine the ego.