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This is the time of year that I just LOVE.  Makes me want to go up to everyone and give them a big warm hug.

Realize just how much love you have in your life, how spectacular love can be, how much love you have to give, the many different forms love can take, and how easily we take love for granted. (Creative Numerolgy)

Open your heart wide and let your light shine.  Your LOVE vibrational energy can affect 1000’s of people.

Reach up with your heart to the higher vibrations and feel from the heart.  Give your head a Christmas holiday.


“Your intuition will wisely guide you into the balanced and intelligent heart frequencies of true love.

The feelings of true love and care are very different from feelings like attachment and overcare.

Overcare is when you allow lower heart bands to take over your feelings and they can deplete your system and cause tremendous stress. Stress being the #1 killer of wellbeing.

If you suffer from a broken heart, your mind takes a deep disappointment and keeps replaying the same loop of negative feelings over and over which reinforces the hurt feelings each time.  When you are hurt, the emotional shock can short-circuit your mind and your emotions.

Love can seem like the cause of that hurt, especially when the initial heart feeling is deep and sincere.  In reality, it’s what your head does with our feeling of love the determines whether it stays in the higher heart and is fulfilling, or leads us into lower heart feelings and stress.

Only the heart has the power to give you complete release from mental and emotional issues that drain you.  The bailout is to activate enough heart power to replace self-victimizing head programs with true heart programs.”  Sara Paddison – The “>Hidden Power of the Heart.

Learn to feel again from the heart.  If it feels good, do it and if it does not feel good do not do it.



We spend so much of our precious energy on trying to fix what is wrong with ourselves and I offer you a new perspective.

What about focusing your energy on what is RIGHT with you? While doing this, a wonderful memory surfaced and I realized that when my heart was over flowing with LOVE, the Universe responded by flowing with more joy and abundance  into my life.

I was so full of this LOVE I wanted to reach out and share it with everyone and every thing.  What happened to that delicious time in my life?   It was the loss of my soul mate and my whole world literally turned upside down.  Everything I loved I had to leave behind to survive.  I have been in survival mode ever since.  So long so that I have almost forgotten how to love UNTIL I was blessed with two little angels that came into my life. My granddaughters.  My life is once again filled with joy and laughter.

I delight to look at the world through the eyes of a child and they see only what is right with them.  We all need to tap back into that loving innocent child within to look through the eyes of LOVE.


Abraham Maslow; “healthy personalities, “self-actualizing”.  The phrase simply means growing whole. These are people who have taken the moment-to-moment risk to ensure that their entire lives become  an outward expression of their true inner selves.  They have a sense of THEIR OWN WORTH and are likely to experiment, to be creative, to ask for what they want and need.  Their high self-esteem and subsequent risk taking/creativity brings them a host of competencies that are indispensable to locating work they want.  They also develop the tenacity and optimism which allows them to stick with their choices until the financial rewards come.  They are life affirming. For them work is a way of being, an expression of LOVE.


“Your mind will talk you out of what your soul wants to know.”  Our beautiful minds like to talk us out of following our hearts and the messages we receive  from the soul by second guessing.  This will lead to doubt and once we start to doubt ourselves the motivation starts to slide.  So how do we stop this from spiralling downward?  We do this by becoming aware of our thoughts and using a power word like “Stop” or my favourite “Delete”.  Then if you want to change this you go on a treasure hunt to find out where these thoughts came from.  Ask yourself if that is the voice of your parents or significant other that you are hearing and have not questioned before.  Those thoughts become beliefs which can become automatic thoughts.

It is time to do a reboot on your mind and clean it up.



It really IS all about LOVE.  As we raise in consciousness our awareness of the energy vibrations is becoming common knowledge.  There are so many good people who are now living from the hearts that the global consciousness is also rising.  This is a good thing.  I just learned an interesting statistic that a person that radiates love from their heart and live by their heart, can affect 750 other people.  So like the stone in a pond it ripples outward.  We can as a collective, save our beautiful Mother Earth by continuing to learn and grow and REMEMBER who we are, pure energies of love, compassion and generosity.  Make a little contract with yourself today to make eye contact with someone and send them love through your smile.  If they are open to receive, watch the transformation right before your eyes.



Allow yourself to live each day in My light and love.  When situations cause uncertainty or doubt in your mind, ask yourself, “Why am I thinking such thoughts?”

When you are fully in My presence, you will discover that you do not worry about anything because doubt does not exist in My presence.  So leave your fears at the doorstep of your soul and enter into a sanctuary of peace.

In My presence, all things are possible, for you are one with true reality.  No situation or person can harm you, for only love can exist in the silence of your soul.

Remember that even when there seems to be darkness, light still exists.  All you need do is look within your soul, for I am here.